There is a choice of Holiday Themes, all of which are optional and you can combine them, depending on the time period you decide on. Choose from the following brief overviews

The biosphere island of Lanzarote is perfect for enjoying walking tours at outstanding places having arrived by car. We will explore volcanoes, country tracks, clifftop vistas and pristine beaches. Either we take a picnic or visit special restaurants nearby. Bring a back pack and walking shoes although if you need to buy such, I will take you shopping! We can chat as we go and I will give you the local history, as well as insights into Life Changing techniques!

With so much to see I will help you choose the places that appeal. The island has good roads and light traffic so we can easily access special places outside the main resorts that tourists rarely see. I will drive you, so no need to worry about renting a car or finding your way around. We will take in the Eco attractions, amazing vistas with time for any shopping you need or provisions if you are self-catering

Lanzarote is an extremely photogenic island with unusual features and plenty of sunlight. Whether you just use your phone or bring a dedicated camera, I will show you scores of unusual places for landscapes, panoramas or detail subjects. The volcanic terrain and geology is fascinating, as are beaches of all colours with the crowning glory of superb waves, not to mention wildlife. In addition I will give you a CD at the end of the trip with all the pictures I have taken to include you as a living memento of your visit.

While the course offers many therapeutic insights, there is also the possibility of booking local therapists, particularly Massage or Kinesiology There are many therapeutic insights provided within the course that we will practice and that you can take away with you to continue

Clean air and beautiful vistas make cycling a healthy joy. The crowning glory is to cycle on the nearby island of La Graciosa where there are no roads or traffic, bar a few Land Rovers. You can rent bikes on the island, usually new mountain bikes with optional front baskets. That way we can cover more ground within the day trip and see wonderful beaches and island features. Should you choose to stay in Playa Honda, you can rent bikes there too and cycle along the extensive promenade by the sea, stopping at refreshment points and tapas places.

We use meditation within the healing processes and you don’t have to be an expert. Meditation is particularly powerful when at places of outstanding power and beauty where the felling of nature is strong. The process is useful to become aware of the feeling system and realise that there may be emotional blockages , evident my bodily discomfort. We will explore techniques to let these go as part of an important process to open the heart centre and find greater connectedness and higher consciousness.

Awareness is closely related to meditation although we look at using our intention to realise signs from the senses which we usually ignore on account of dominant mental activity and auto reactions of the belief system. When we become aware of our default reactional behaviour, we can then take steps to correct it, thereby no get stuck in feeling loops that do not serve us.

An integral part of the time, whether you want to make it a main feature or just consider the areas where improved happiness and fulfilment are available. The process addresses different aspects whether they be the state of happiness in careers, relationships or general aspirations. Listening to your account of the situation is a key function, as you may never have had the opportunity to outline your own life situation. We examine your heart’s desires and investigate what may be going on, to thwart the fulfilment of your happiness. This ties in with emotional energy blockage release. Being away from your normal life schedule, in beautiful surroundings makes the process enjoyable with lasting benefits

Mentoring has similarities with Life Coaching although more directed to the sharing of specific knowledge, skills and experience to help life progression. I have wide experience in areas of Personal Growth, Manifestation, Business Development, Co-operation, Design, Music, and Brain Storming of ideas to come up with a practical plan

Lanzarote is blessed with an ideal surfing beach with waves most of the time. I will introduce you to my friend who is a safe and very competent teacher, in English (well Scottish!). you learn, usually in a small group, starting with the theory with your board on the beach. Boards and wetsuits are provided and I will drive you to your lesson and take you onwards afterwards. There is also kite surfing for which a Moroccan visa is recommended!! Seriously, if that is your bag, we can organise a lesson, or lessons for you. Surfing is a very exhilarating experience and helps expand your delight while you are changing your outlook!

We have many places to choose from on our various tours and most places, be they tapas bars or restaurants have vegetarian options, some will denote vegan. However there are dedicated vegan eateries, so if that is your preference or you would like to try them out, we can include such places in our itinerary! Otherwise there are other fine standard establishments,

It may well be that your destination in life may very well be different to how you currently regard yourself! In my own case, I never thought when setting out as a Systems Analyst and Marketing Executive that I would eventually excel in briefing the colours of wall paper and fabric designs of my own internationally company, let alone running desert island yoga holidays and teaching spirituality. Part of the process of getting in touch with our inner world, shows us how the feeling system and the excitement it reveals is a key indicator of what we can become, in spite of the limiting current CV. This kind of holiday which takes you away from the repetitive norm, is ideal for exploring new possibilities for a fulfilling new life. We can spend time exploring new ideas and allowing your hearts desires to be considered!

The above Brain Storming process may lead you consider to setting up your own business. We can explore the viability of ideas and come up with a unique selling proposition. I will show you how to use a spreadsheet and we can make an outline financial plan. In addition we can design a logo, produce a promotional flyer and I can advise you on the process of building a website and using social media to promote.

Sound is a fundamental creative factor in the universe and has a profound influence on the human body. Linked to our meditation endeavours, we can introduce the use of the Tibetan Gong and Chimes. These vibrations have the capability of helping release emotional blockages, particularly in conjunction with breath awareness. I will also play you audio music (bring your favourite earphones) with 432Hz tuning, a frequency standard that is more akin to the resonance of the human body and promotes and feeling of well-being beyond the mere musical relationships. Furthermore I will teach you Mongolian Overtone Chanting which generates strange extra harmonics which seem to be remote from the sounds you produce when the voice changes vowels. We can extend the scope via my new Yamaha keyboard which can be tuned to 432Hz and I will serenade you, indoors or in the biosphere, with live music of your choice, be it classical or popular.

As mentioned above, I have a great portable keyboard and I can accompany you in songs you may already know. This is particularly magical when we find a special spot, like in a volcano crater or remote beach! You don’t have to think of yourself as a “singer”! I have been involved in Jam Sessions over the years and most people, when invited to join in, reply that they cant sing. This belief is usually based on a comment remembered from early days when a careless comment became a false belief. The expression of your sound musically is a very healing and uplifting. Ive seen many cases of people who realise an amazing talent they never knew they had, or at least enjoyed the process of singing without fear of criticism!

Depending on how much time we have, if you’ve ever had the yearning to learn to play the piano and read music, this can be arranged, at least to get you started. I’ve studied piano to Grade VIII and have taught on and off over the years. Modern keyboards allow you to play with headphones you you don’t disturb others until you are ready. They also have accompanying systems which give you rhythm and extra parts to whatever you play. This makes it fun and gives you confidence.

Lanzarote has a whole central area, dedicated to the production of wine and the local wines have a secret in how they grow in arid conditions. I can recommend what to go for as you shop, or in a restaurant. A very popular visit, is to one of the vineyards (Bodegas) where you can try a selection with some local cheeses. Production volume of wine is limited thus it is not exported much, but there are some excellent offerings for you to try!

If English is not your main language, this could be a great opportunity to gain English linguistic guidance, either seated on a beach, over a meal, or in our general conversation. I can help with any corrections, pronunciations or grammar. I have checked copy for the Lanzarote parliament during the protest against oil drilling in the biosphere, and periodically edit copy for local businesses. If you’re not fluent in English, I’m very patient and we can make a difference over a few days on this option.

I’m current writing a book about the Secrets of Human Deception over the ages and the Emergence of Higher Consciousness. If you’re interested to learn the exciting truth of human potential, I will share such things as the manipulation (reduction) of our DNA, Religious Constructs, Financial and Deep State control and how all this is changing in these exciting times. If it’s your choice, we will be working on aspects of higher consciousness, as we heal emotional blockages

We can also take time to help resolve any computer mysteries you are holding. I have been involved in computers since graduation and can give guidance on Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher. Selection of Website production systems, from WordPress to easier means, or merely how to get the best out of Facebook and certain phone Apps.

While I’m not a qualified yoga teacher, I have attended courses and been part of yoga teaching daily over a decade in my former days with Holistic Holidays. It may be helpful to include stretching and breathing exercises, in volcanoes or on beaches on our travels. Should you prefer I can introduce you to Yoga professional on the island, if you’d like to attend one their classes.