Lanzarote Singles Holiday

You will find this holiday of interest if you are

*Interested in a Lanzarote Singles Holiday
*Travelling alone
* Thinking of an Unaccompanied Holiday
* Need Companionship on your Holiday
* Not into Driving and Navigating
* Into Solo Travel
* Looking for Singles holidays over 40
* Searching for Holiday ideas for single travellers
* want the Best Canary Islands Holiday for Singles
* wanting to be totally looked after
* Looking for help in Changing your Life
* In need of a Holiday on Your Own

Travelling Alone Holidays

What makes this a Different Holiday

Lanzarote is easily accessible, usually with a short transfer to your accommodation. You choose a package of one, three or five days and we meet for a chat and drink on the first evening, prior to starting, so we can discuss the content of your holiday, totally based on your preferences. You don’t need to worry about driving or finding your way. I collect you each day, include coffees, lunch and any shopping you need. There are several holiday themes optionally coupled with insights on how to make your life happier and more fulfilling. The awareness aspects are the real bonus of the content since you will learn techniques and processes for changing your life, from within, that you can take home and continue with. You will be surprised at the difference, once you learn how consciousness and Intention majorly affect your ongoing happiness and lure fulfilment. Once you know how, you can manifest practically anything you want!  

Activities and Themes

Within your chosen length of package you can mix a combination of activities, places and life-changing insights