How this is a Healthy Holiday

  • If you are looking for a Healthy Holiday, this has all that you need
  • It’s always sunny with fresh air from the Ocean Breezes
  • There are optional activities such as walking and cycling to provide exercise
  • Activities are to the level that suits you
  • There is a choice of eating places including Vegetarian and Vegan
  • Local supermarkets cater for all tastes
  • Access to local Therapists
  • Your spiritual health is taken care of with many insights and processes
  • We examine and negative beliefs you may be holding which could affect your health

How it works

Firstly I will provide advice on where to stay for a relaxed environment with suitable and typical facilities. I will meet with you the evening before we start and listen to your requirements and preferences before planning a flexible schedule of unspoiled uplifting places to go, fun things to do and see, with chats about spiritual insights from a list of themes you can see below. You will have support during your time, which can be one, three or five days, and I will listen to your story whereby you yourself outline what is missing or challenging in your life. This can be very important, since you may not have had the chance to outline your situation without being interrupted or argued with.  Thereafter I will outline the hidden story of greater human potential, sharing insights before undergoing processes that relive the emotional blockages which are key tou opening your spiritual and heart’s desire connectedness. The beauty of nature helps the connectivity with higher vibrations and your own feeling system will confirm when you are addressing matters and directions that will make you feel inspired!

Spiritual Escape Holiday

Activities and Themes

Within your chosen length of package you can mix a combination of activities, places and life-changing insights

Meet Your Host

I’m Stuart Forster and I will be looking after you during your visit; driving you to special places, leading delightful walks, helping you with your Themes and generally being a mentor to your process of finding lasting happiness and fulfillment!

Stuart Forster