Do you need some Ease in your life?

Uplifting Guided Tours with a Choice of Life Changing Themes in Lanzarote and La Graciosa in the Canary islands

Travelling Alone Holidays

You are Guided to Amazing Places

Optional cycling on a Desert Island

healing of emotional blockages and belief system!

General Overview

you are totally cared for

You choose from the available themes which include places to see, things to do and most important; coffee vistas and great eateries. Not only do you have access to discovering incredible biosphere places that most people never see, but we have chats about life supporting topics, with the main bonus on insights and techniques that affect your happiness and life fulfilment. This is aided by being at places of outstanding beauty as we learn how to connect with and heal our inner world and realise that it is this energy that determines the outcome of our lives. You don’t need any previous experience, if this sounds new to you.

your host, STuart Forster

I’m Stuart Forster and for 50 years I have been researching and practising in the areas of Personal Growth and Human Potential. Having run Holistic Holidays in Lanzarote, Canary Islands for the past 2 decades. As part of a programme of guided tours and activities I offer an accessible introduction to the exciting secrets and techniques of how to realise the potential of what you would like your life to be. There are a choice of themes and activities with plans for one, three or five days

Recommended Accommodation

Accommodation and Flights are not included by I recommend staying in Playa Honda (with AirBnb) a short distance from the airport which is away from the busy tourist area where you can hang out with the locals, be close to a local beach, have access to a long walking and cycling promenade punctuated by coffee spots, tapas bars and restaurants (including vegan), and since you will probably be self catering, within access of several excellent supermarkets and general shopping. Currently setting up an inclusive price based on accommodation at the Hesperia Five Star Spa Hotel at Puerto Calero


“This has to be experienced to be believed. I had no idea how my attitude to life was getting in the way of my prosperity and relationships. I had heard about the law of Attraction and all that, but Stuart made it very real and understandable, especially with some of the scientific explanations. I’m now able to live my life differently and the results are very exciting. It was well worth the money to make my life different. I may well come back next year for a top up. I actually enjoyed learning about how life works and am even becoming less angry about why I was never told all this before. Thank you Stuart” SS, Guildford

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. You are collected from and returned to your base each eight hour day

One Day

A Day of visits and activities of your choice with an introduction to awareness insights 

Three Days

Three Days of extended visits and activities of your choice  with an insights into awareness and  an introduction to processes

Five Days (Most Popular)

Five days of extended visits and activities of your choice  with advanced insights into awareness and  workshops in the healing processes